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Posted on: February 23, 2009

As I jewelry artisan myself, I have no problems giving credit where credit is due.  If someone makes something that is just outstanding, I’m gonna say so.  Well, that is the case with this next artisan.  Her jewelry uses the best of materials in lampwork beads and gemstones.  Her designs are always so intriging and fun.

This particular bracelet is designed to get you in the mood for Spring and it does just that.  The fun colors and beautiful lampwork beads (which were made by Jill Symons) just screams out that we want to frolick in the warm waters of the Ocean.



These next earrings are so amazing not only in how beautiful they are but they also have a deeper meaning.  Carnelian is a stone with history and energy.  It was once strictly a stone for the noble class of a high social status and these people were most often buried with this stone.

It is also used to aide in various healing ways.  It is a stone to aide in energy, if you feel like you are running low on energy carry a carnelian with you.  It is also the stone for the sign of Virgo as well as being for the Second Chakra or Sacral/Spleen Chakra.



These earring are so beautiful and the copper and brass just compliment the piece and the stone perfectly.  The adventurine adds a bit of a blending color that just takes the whole piece up to absolutly stunning.

Want to see more of her beautiful designs and find just the right piece to mesh with you then click on her little avatar below…

Whimsy by Mari ArtFire Shop

Whimsy by Mari ArtFire Shop


3 Responses to "WhimsybyMari"

Thanks you so much for the feature, I am honored.

Mari’s got an eye for “pretty”! Love those carnelian earrings!

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