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Posted on: February 27, 2009

I am so excited to see that Spring is nearing and that means the flowers are beginning to sprout up out of the Earth and make the land full of rich colors and textures.  I love photographing flowers and especially just looking at beautiful photos of flowers.  This way I can have flowers all year long, regardless of the weather.  When I look into this photo,  I can just feel the warm Spring sun on my face.  I forget that it’s only 30 degrees outside and that we may be under a blanket of snow and won’t see green grass, let alone a flower, til mid June…



I have family in the Western part of Pennsylvania and I remember driving up when I was younger and seeing some of the old mills.  That always struck a cord with me as I saw them as such a beautiful landmark.  The ones running with Hydroelectricity was always a favorite of mine, watching the turbine wheel being pushed around by the force of the water.  This photo just takes me back to those days and whereas the buiding is slightly different the feelings and memories are the same.



So, these photos have you longing for more?  There here is your key into a wonderful world…

NikiMadeIt ArtFire Shop

NikiMadeIt ArtFire Shop


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