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Posted on: February 28, 2009

I am very big into decorating and I have a very ecclectic sense of taste.  I love things that have a vibrant flair to them.   Anyone that knows me will probabaly say that they know my favorite color is black… Well, that is true but I also love colors that pop especially when doing interior design.  I worked in decorating so I also know how color can affect a room.  I love how different colors can make a room just right.   Well, this artisan has something for every room and every taste and I can attest to the fact that her pieces are amazing.  I have one of her plates in my craft room just so I can look at it every day that I go in and work.  It has made the room perfect and has given a new life to this small part of my house.

Her switchplates are made with fabric so that it gets a much smoother covering and is a lot easier to work with.  This also creates an almost limitless selection of styles for you to choose from.   This plate is just adorable and if you love pink and/or cats then this is perfect for you.  At least these cats don’t shed….



She also does a lot more than just switchplates.  Her other items are just as well made and just as amazing.  She has mousepads, coasters as well as lampshades.  This one in particular is such a cool design and especially if you are like me and just can’t wait to get money in your hands so you can shop and spend it…



Now, looking around your house I know you see some stuff that you can update and now you know where you can go to get it.  I love my new plate and I know you will too.  So just click on her plate and be ready to get carried away…

3zArt ArtFire Shop

3zArt ArtFire Shop

If you like this shop then check out her mom’s and grandmom’s while your at it.

EvE ArtFire Shop

EvE ArtFire Shop

Nonnie ArtFire Shop

Nonnie ArtFire Shop


2 Responses to "3zArt"

Thank you so much for featuring me(and my Mom & Gma)!!! Much appreciated =D

-AJ, 3zArt

How lovely and cute!!

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